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A Must Read For Fans Of Can-Am Racing!

By David McKinney

For nine glorious years, the Canadian American Challenge Cup was a spectacular part of the international racing calendar. What made it such a great series was that the competing machinery was the most powerful in the world: there was no upper limit on engine size, nor any limit on minimum weight. This absence of rules not only pulled in the crowds but also left the door open for designers to experiment. Can-Am therefore became the proving ground for, in particular, aerodynamic breakthrough which would transform not only Formula One but all international categories of racing. Aerofoils and proud effect — you saw it here first!

Chaparral, Lola, and the all-conquering McLaren were joined by Ferrari and, to devastating effect, Porsche, in the hunt for Can-Am glow and cash. The list of drivers is a Who's Who of the 1960s and seventies: Brabham, Stewart, Hall, Phil Hill, Graham Hill, Surtees, Hulme, McLaren himself, Amon, Gurney, Bonnier, Siffert, Donohue, Follmer, Andretti, all tried their luck and skill in these brutal fast cars, and some reputations were made in the process. When the series began to wane, it was — surprise, surprise — the tightening of the rules that did it; but the name lived on for more than another decade, involving people like Paul Newman, Carl Haas, Teo Fabi, Al Unser Jr., Bobby Rahal and (uncle) Jacques Villeneuve.

A carful selection of photographs, many never previously published, and specially commissioned artwork profiles of some of the key cars, make Can-Am a fascinating document for anyone who likes their race cars unfettered and fast.

This book came from a large display collection and is now long out of print. It displays very well and shows almost no signs of wear. We ship to the continental U.S. 48 states only. Thanks!

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