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A Valuable and Entertaining Resource For Ford GT Enthusiasts!

By Adrian Streather

Born in the 1960s, reborn in the new millennium, here is the story of the Ford GT, then, and now. In its day the Ford GT40, as it was commonly know, was sensational, vanquishing Ferrari to an 'also ran' category in the world's greatest sports car races. Winning at Le Mans for four successive years lifted the FT40 to legendary status, and that, we all thought, was the end of the story — that wonderful V8 bark and iconic shape consigned to history and warm memories of great racing moments...

Then, in the seventies, classic racing began its ascendancy, mushrooming into the hugely popular spectacle it is today, restored and renovated GT40s and their racing peers thrilling original fans and a whole new generation alike. The Ford Motor Company was astute enough to spot this swelling interest, and bold enough to design and produce a modernized Ford GT for road and rack use: and what a car it created!

In this book Adrian Stretcher offers no only a fresh view of the original Ford GT and its adventures, but also tells the intriguing story of the new Ford GT, including driving experiences. As well as driver recollections, revisiting some of the old myths and legends, a look at the replica industry, and stories behind today's GT40 survivors, this book is packed with photographs, very many of which have not been published before. Featuring 240 art paper pages and over 490 pictures, this book is a must read for GT enthusiasts.

This book is from a large private collection and is long out of print. It displays very well and the jacket is in great shape. We ship the continental U.S. 48 states only. Thanks!

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